Ode to A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy Singer Alison Sudol

OK, not an ode but a shout out of awesomeness. I am able to get through work because of you A Fine Frenzy. Alison Sudol (who is my age by the way – we should be BFFs) sings so fantastically and you just hear the want/pain/love/confusion in her voice with every song.

One Cell in the Sea was a great album … how many artists hit it off so well from the beginning? Few. Then comes Bomb in a Birdcage which has this quirky fun-ness that picks me up.

I’m still discovering all there is to A Fine Frenzy, I just wish more people would learn the blissful take you away beauty that is Alison Sudol’s voice & talent.

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