Product Review: StumbleUpon a Social Networking Website

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StumbleUpon is social networking site that enables users to review and add their favorite websites. With one click StumbleUpon provides a random website for you to visit.

To use this site you need to sign up and then download the toolbar. On DSL it takes about 3 minutes. Once downloaded you may need to restart your computer or re-load your browser to see the change take effect. There is also the option of hiding the stumble upon tool bar. To do this select "view" on top of your browser then "toolbars" on the drop-down menu, de-select "StumbleUpon toolbar."

Features include adding friends, viewing their favorites, searching by topic or keyword.

You can rate the sites you visit by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. You may be prompted to write a review, but this is optional. In addition to "stumbling websites" you can add or find news items, photo’s and videos. StumbleUpon is a fun tool to use when seeking to find new and interesting sites.

Dosh Dosh recently posted an article called A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon which offered advice to utilizing StumbleUpon to obtain traffic to your website. In this regard, StumbleUpon becomes more than something you do when bored, to something worthy of your time.

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