Beauty Finds: Hair Help for the Curly Crowd

FrizzyWe are all born with certain unique characteristics: there are those who are blessed with full pouty lips  or sparking green eyes. And then there are the attributes that make you want to stomp around and yell “why me?” I used to think having naturally curly hair deserved that exact response. This contributed to my sense of hair-denial.

Middle school inevitably lead to The Big Pouf (tried to comb it out, didn’t quite work). This pouf occasionally molded into a unique pyramid shape. Finally, I learned techniques and products that tamed those wild tresses and turned my hair-denial into hair-acceptance.


Curly Hair Tip #1: Use a hydrating shampoo and follow-up with Pantene Pro-v Hydrating Curls  Conditioner. This product was designed for us curly haired girls to help infuse our tresses with moisture and reduce frizz.

Curly Hair Tip #2: A wide-tooth comb works better than a traditional brush. It especially helps reduce breakages when hair is wet.

Curly Hair Tip #3: Find a moisture-locking leave-in conditioner. My recommendation is Infusium 23 Moisturologie [FYI: purchase a small empty spray bottle in the travel toiletries section and fill with infusion easy use].

Infusium Curly Hair Tip #4: Invest in a non-alcoholic based gel. Squeeze gel (size of a quarter) in palm, rub palms together then apply to hair. Work from the bottom up, avoiding scalp and roots [FYI: try to scrunch hair to enhance curl shape).

Curly Hair Tip #5: Use several medium sized clips to position hair up. This will help maintain proper curl shape and reduce half-wave half-curl issues. Let hair dry naturally [FYI: blow-drying frizzes out curly hair, making it dry and brittle].

In conclusion, having naturally curly hair may be annoying at times but if you treat it with respect and step out of your hair-denial, you too can achieve beautiful, healthy looking hair.

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