Miniseries North and South

I am big on romance movies. There are a few contemporary favorites like: A Bed of Roses, Titanic, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Sweet November. However, sometimes romance is best served British. Not just Love,Actually or Bridget Jones’ Diary but the hand-accidentally-brushing-up, corset, top hat, horse and buggy kind of romance. I’m talking Pride and Prejudice, beautiful, heart-wrenching wow.

North_and_south_2This is why I am recommending the miniseries North and South. Based on a novel written by Elizabeth Gaskell this fantastic period piece has a profound storyline of industrialization, the emergence of worker’s rights and a love story with subtle, delightful nuances.

The main characters have depth and passion. The suspense rises in all the right spots. Not to mention a heroine who is both smart and beautiful. If you loved Pride and Prejudice, I recommend you watch North and South (two-disk set).

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