Blood and Chocolate: The Movie

Set in the city of Bucharest, Romania this visually stimulating movie centers around a 19 year old female named Vivian. But she is no ordinary teen. she’s part werewolf (or loup garou). Vivian struggles Blood_and_chocolate to overcome the events of her past all the while coop with archaic rules of her kind. To top it all off Vivian mets Aiden a human strangers who captures her attention. Soon Vivian must decide where her loyalties lie, with the traditions of her kind of with Aiden.

Blood and Chocolate is based on a popular young adult book by Annette Curtis Clause. Despite this great start, I found the movie lacking. The plot was one-dimensional and the end was too easily predicted. However, some of the visual effects (such as the shapeshifting from human to wolf) were great. And the music matched perfectly with the Romanian setting.

Overall, I’d give this film 4 out of 5 stars.   

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  • Mihaela Lica
    18 Jul 2007

    LOL. I come from Bucharest. Who knows… maybe I am half werewolf. What is really strange is that none of these names is Romanian. So I wonder: why Bucharest?

  • C.M Williams
    18 Jul 2007

    I think for Americans, Romania seems mystical, old and beautiful.
    The main two characters Vivian and Aiden are actually American. So they have U.S. names :) There was a quick bit in the movie when they first meet and he asks “you’re an American?”
    lol I hope I didn’t infer that people from Romania are werewolfs!
    ~ C.M.

  • Lorelle
    28 Jul 2007

    I was quite angry with this movie because it had very little to do with what actually happened in the book. Almost everything except the character names were changed. The book takes place in West Virginia, not Romania.

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