Beauty Finds – Eye Shadow from MAX Factor

Many women’s magazines feature beauty products and tips but if you’re like me you’ve wondered; did someone actually try this? Here, I’ve include my personal beauty finds.

The 80’s, along with the whole shoulder pad fiasco, took eyeshadow to a scary place. Heavy creams in shades of bright blue and barney purple were as in as the perm. The 90’s saved us with an influx of contoured nudes and browns.

But as Cyndi Lauper said sometimes, "Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun." This absolutely includes eye shadow. If you are rather new, stick with the basics (especially nudes and pastels) and learn what blends best with your skin tone.

Maxfactor However, if you’re like me, experienced and looking for a brighter take on things, listen up. There is a new line that you’ve got to try called MAX Factor "MAXeye Shadows."  These medium sized compacts come with three different shades, each bold in it’s own right. Visit this page for MAX’s shade collection. Move your mouse over each set to reveal the powder platelets.

What’s interesting about this eye collection is that you get more product than other compacts. Especially because MAX doesn’t include a cheep sponge applicator which only takes up space.

Maxfactorset Colors go on smooth and stay on for hours. Build with layers for a deeper tone or stick with one coat for a more sheer application. They can be used wet or dry, but be careful when dripping a wet brush into the compact, as with any shadow, water can "clump" the product. Its best to dust shadow liberally onto the palm of your (clean) hand then dip wet brush scooping up the color from you palm.

Finally, when going bold on the eye, stay with a more nude lip. It will draw attention to your eyes and avoid an overly done appearance.

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